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Why Your Child Support Issues Demand Legal Representation

If anything is more complex than divorce, it’s child support proceedings. Although the result may seem like little more than you paying or receiving money, this is a complicated legal issue with lasting ramifications for you and your children. Shouldn’t you seek representation to ensure that your needs are met?

At Schlueter Ecklund & Davitt, we believe in helping Rockford, Illinois, families come to agreements that work for you and your children. We’ve been serving our community for more than 40 years and strive daily to live up to the trust people place in our experience. We believe that families come first, so we work hard to achieve the best possible outcome regardless of which side of the dispute you’ve found yourself on.

What Determines Your Illinois Child Support?

Illinois family law includes a predetermined statutory formula that decides how much child support you’ll pay based on how many children you have. For instance, you’ll typically pay 20 percent of your income if you have one child, 28 percent for two children and 50 percent for six or more children. This percentage is applied to your net income, meaning that it includes things like:

  • Salaries, tips, bonuses, overtime pay and commissions
  • Income from rental properties, trusts, royalties and retirement funds
  • Disability and workers compensation
  • Investment interest and dividends

Although the law explicitly defines payment percentage calculations, it’s worth noting that judges have some discretion when making determinations. The way you argue your case matters, so our attorneys work to help you present yourself in the proper light.

Child Support Proceedings Demand Tenacious Representation

Child support obligations extend until your children turn 18 or become legally emancipated. Because the court retains the power to punish you for nonpayment, garnish your wages or put a lien on your property, it’s critical to anticipate any potential problems you might have paying and request modifications as early as possible. We can also help you with enforcement proceedings if child support payments are being made as ordered by the court.

The lawyers at Schlueter Ecklund & Davitt understand that child support can seem daunting, but we don’t think it should run the risk of derailing your life. Child support is supposed to have positive impacts on the well-being of Illinois families, and we work to ensure that the system doesn’t fail you. Request our help byemailing us below, or calling 815-229-5333 today.

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