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Guiding Clients Through Divorce And Legal Separation

At Schlueter Ecklund & Davitt, our family law attorneys handle all aspects of contested and uncontested divorce and legal separation cases. Our lawyers have extensive experience facilitating divorces — both straightforward, uncontested divorces where the spouses agree on everything, as well as contested divorces involving disputes over property, child custody, alimony or another aspect of the divorce.

Property Division: Equitable Distribution In Illinois

Almost every divorce involves the division of property. Illinois is an “equitable distribution” state, which means that upon divorce, most assets acquired by the spouses during the marriage must be divided in an equitable manner based upon the parties’ circumstances as determined by factors set forth in Illinois statutes. Typical assets that are subject to equitable distribution include the marital home, vehicles, furniture, bank accounts, retirement plans, investments and business interests. Debts are also divided equitably.

We assist in determining the value of assets, including business property. We make sure that assets such as retirement plans subject to a plan administration contract are appropriately divided. Often these require a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to be drafted. QDROs are complicated. Only qualified professionals have the necessary training required to draft them — we have that training.

Lawyers Handling Contested Divorces In Winnebago County And Surrounding Areas

Contested divorce cases are often a difficult, emotional experience for our clients. We find that in some cases our clients often need compassionate and caring legal representation. If you are thinking about divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce, contact our skilled family law lawyers at Schlueter Ecklund & Davitt.

Uncontested Divorce

In many cases spouses come to the decision to separate first and go through what we call a divorce planning process. In these cases, our Rockford divorce lawyers can help the parties to negotiate a divorce settlement agreement that takes into consideration all the legal issues that the parties must address in the actual divorce case.

In amicable divorce cases, our clients often have the time and energy to consider the future. For instance, in cases where the parties have children, we advise parents to consider planning for retirement, their children’s and grandchildren’s education, and weddings.

At the time of divorce, every spouse who has a will ought to be considering a redraft of it. Those without wills should have wills and trusts drafted. When these services are needed, we will collaborate with the experienced attorneys in our estate planning practice.

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