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Assisting Real Estate Investors With Their Tax Liability

Investments in commercial real estate properties can be quite lucrative, but lucrative investments can lead to substantial tax liabilities. Generally, these taxes come due upon the sale of a real estate property. A 1031 exchange allows these taxes to be deferred under some circumstances. If you are planning to sell one piece of property and purchase another, a 1031 exchange may be a wise decision for you.

To discuss this possibility with an experienced real estate attorney, come to the law firm of Davitt Law Office, PLLC in Rockford, Illinois. Contact us today to schedule your confidential consultation.

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Our attorneys have been serving the people of Rock River Valley for more than 30 years. Each of our attorneys has more than 25 years of individual legal experience, providing us with the experience necessary to handle 1031 exchanges efficiently.

When you come to our offices, you will work with knowledgeable attorneys who can effectively advise you while working to minimize your tax liabilities.

When Is A 1031 Exchange An Appropriate Option?

A 1031 exchange may be an appropriate solution if you are planning for both the purchase and sale of commercial properties and you want the benefits of deferred taxes.

If you are a small business owner disposing of commercial real estate in conjunction with the sale of your company, a 1031 exchange can help to limit your tax liabilities in the year you sell your company. If you are a real estate investor, a 1031 exchange can allow you to seek new investment opportunities while deferring capital gains taxes.

These can be complex transactions, and there are some potential difficulties you may encounter. However, a skilled real estate attorney can help you effectively navigate these difficult and complicated transactions.

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