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Helping Landlords Resolve Tenant Disputes

A lease is a contract. Each party must carefully consider and agree to the terms of that lease before signing. As a landlord, you have the right to expect those terms to be met so you can get the benefit of your bargain. When tenants fail to do so or fall short on their rent, however, it may not only deprive you of those benefits but also cost you additional money.

At Davitt Law Office, PLLC, we provide eviction, rent collection and other legal services to area landlords in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our goal is to protect your rights as we effectively resolve both problems with tenants and actions brought by tenants against you.

Our attorneys have more than 175 years of combined legal experience, and we have built our law firm through dedication to exceptional client service and optimal results. If you are a commercial landlord in greater Rockford or anywhere in northern Illinois, call 815-229-5333 or contact us online to discuss resolving your landlord-tenant disputes.

Effective Representation In Evictions, Collections And Other Disputes With Tenants

The State of Illinois and individual municipalities have a variety of regulations regarding residential and commercial leasing, which leaves many landlords at a loss for how to protect their rights and enforce their leases effectively. This is especially true for large landlords with rental properties in multiple locations. The lawyers of Davitt Law Office, PLLC understand the issues and can move quickly toward a practical solution without undue cost. We assist landlords in a wide variety of landlord-tenant disputes, including:

  • Evictions based on lease violations or holdovers
  • Early termination
  • Collection of past-due rent
  • Compensation for damage to the property
  • Repair and maintenance disputes
  • Disputes over the rights of first refusal or rights to renew
  • Claims brought by tenants alleging lease violations, unlawful rent increases, code noncompliance, safety issues, uninhabitable conditions, failure to make required disclosures, failure to return security deposits and more

Davitt Law Office, PLLC also handles a full range of issues in real estate law, including the drafting of effective, enforceable leases, review of existing leases and negotiation of commercial leases. Should real property disputes involving title, boundaries, zoning or land use arise, we can represent you in negotiation, in alternative dispute resolution or at court.

Contact Us Now To Discuss A Single Problem Or A Long-Term Solution

We welcome landlords to call our firm at 815-229-5333, or to contact us online to set up a consultation. We can assist you with a single eviction or take on your enforcement and collections activities on a routine basis.

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