Divorcing Illinois parents may be very concerned about how the end of their marriage will affect their children. After all, kids often struggle emotionally with the idea that their parents will no longer be together. In addition, the practical effects of divorce can be particularly significant for children who may experience a change in their standard of living or who now regularly move between their two parents’ homes instead of sharing one house. Because divorce can be scarring for children, parents may want to consider how they can best protect and support their children throughout these changes.

One of the most important things experts advise is to keep the children out of disputes between the parents. When parents divorce, they should remember that their children do not want to take sides in the split or be forced to choose between their love for one parent or the other. At the same time, it is important to maintain a relationship of openness and honesty without attempting to win the child’s sentiments to one parent’s side of the divorce. Children, especially younger kids, can benefit from the reassurance that both parents love them and will not leave them.

Children may also need to be assured that they did not cause the divorce and cannot make their parents reconcile. However, parents who communicate with each other in a healthy way can help their children feel more in control in a challenging time. In the same way, when kids can have a say in their parenting plans and schedule changes, they may feel more secure.

Parents going through a divorce may worry about how best to protect their parent-child relationship. A family law attorney may help divorcing parents to negotiate a fair settlement on a range of issues, including child custody, child support and visitation.