The laws of Illinois make it a relatively simple task to marry. For instance, unlike many states, there is no blood test required or mandatory 24-hour waiting period. However, divorce may not be as easy in consideration of the family legal issues such as property division, child custody, alimony and child support. For this reason, and perhaps because of the perceived stigma of a marital split, many couples typically will think long and hard before initiating divorce proceedings. According to a new study, the motivating factors triggering the divorce are changing.

A common perception regarding the leading causes of divorce centers on what most people would consider intolerable behavior by one party in the marriage. Issues such as violence, substance abuse and infidelity are often cited. And while those are certainly factors in some relationships, marital researchers in the recent study revealed that the four most common reasons for divorce were more tied to issues of emotional fulfillment rather than inappropriate or illegal behavior.

Theorizing that the expectations of marriage may be undergoing a transition, the researchers reported causes such as not being in love or failing to have intimacy, having poor communication, lack of respect or trust and simply growing apart as the primary reasons for ending a marriage. While individuals in previous generations were more willing to settle for a life of less fulfillment, modern generations seem to have a stronger desire to lead a happy, full, complete life despite the obstacles they may face in getting a divorce.

Important legal decisions face those contemplating divorce as they strive to begin new lives. However, an experienced family law attorney can provide guidance and counsel to explain and protect the rights and responsibilities of all the parties involved.