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 Effectively Resolve Boundary Disputes

Disputes over real estate boundaries are much more common than you may think. Most people assume the particulars and dimensions of most Illinois properties were determined by survey and recorded long ago, so it is difficult to imagine where a problem might arise. Consider, however, that you would not hesitate to purchase title insurance — and you would be right. The truth is, disputes involving land arise regularly, and so many issues are at play that it can be difficult to resolve them on your own.

At Davitt Law Office, PLLC, our lawyers have extensive experience resolving commercial and residential real estate concerns across northern Illinois, including boundary disputes. Based in Rockford, we are committed to meeting the legal needs of individuals and businesses throughout northern Illinois with exceptional service and optimal results. Contact us now to discuss your legal needs.

Determining Legal Property Lines And Uses

Whether commercial or residential property is involved, a boundary dispute can arise whenever one property owner puts his or her property to a use that encroaches upon, limits the use of, or violates the rights of other property owners.

Unfortunately, resolving a boundary dispute typically involves much more than referring to the local Recorder of Deeds. It sometimes involves making a legal determination of exactly where the dividing line lies between two parcels of real estate. However, just as often the resolution must also take into account issues such as whether the property is subject to easements (or rights of way).

For example, when a building comes up for sale, it occasionally comes to light that part of the structure physically encroaches upon the adjoining property. This may have an explanation in the records or it may not, but the legal issue must be resolved definitively before any sale can go through.

Another example is when two adjoining properties share an alley, which is used for the ingress and egress of tenants and the provision of city services. If one property owner makes changes to his or her building that limit or block access to that alley, the other property owner, his or her tenants, and the city may object because they have the legal right to access that area — an easement.

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